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Frequently Asked Question

No, they do not contain alcohol (ethyl alcohol).

Whilst we do not put Gluten in any of our Rexona products we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of this material in any of the components that are used to make our products. We have no control over the processes and plants that are used to manufacture the materials that go to make Rexona products

You can find our range in all leading supermarkets, Priceline, pharmacy and retail outlets.

We are committed to eliminating animal testing. We do not test any of our products on animals, and most of our products reach consumers without any of their ingredients having been tested on animals.

Where some testing is required by law or currently unavoidable, we aim to minimise the number of animals involved. We will never compromise on the safety of our products.

Since the 1980s, our scientists have been at the forefront of research into non-animal approaches for testing product safety, collaborating with academics, governments and NGOs internationally.

We also work with local authorities to implement non-animal methods in countries which still undertake testing on products For more information about our position and progress in developing non-animal approaches, see our website:

A5 Aerosols: Yes, they are recyclable.
Roll-Ons: No, they are not recyclable.
Sticks: No, they are not recyclable.

It is very important that you shake the aerosol can before use to ensure a homogeneous dispersion of product. This will also prevent a thick powdery spray.

The Rexona range has been designed for men and women and is not recommended for use on/or by young children.

All ingredients are safe to use and all products have been through Safety and Toxicology screening.
Under normal usage the product is safe to use, however the product should be used in well ventilated areas and prolonged spraying should be avoided.

The products do not contain CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) or HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons), and don’t use any materials which damage the ozone layer. All Unilever products are developed within environmental guidelines.

A deodorant product will provide odour protection via the delivery of fragrance, as well as some having anti-bacterial properties, killing odour-causing bacteria.

An Antiperspirant deodorant contains Aluminium salt, a material which forms gels in some of the sweat ducts on the skin once perspiration has started to occur. This reduces the amount of perspiration produced under the arm.

The Aluminium salt and the perfume help to combat odour as the Aluminium salt reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin and the perfume helps to mask any odour generated.