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Advanced Whitening

Natural whitening with floral freshness


Whitening antiperspirant protection with Motionsense™ – the more you move, the more it protects.

Sweat and odour control up to 48 hours.

Contains natural whitening & fragrance ingredients to give you whiter & fresher underams, naturally!


People to see, places to go. Running to meetings. Climbing stairs. By the end of the day, we rarely feel as fresh as when we started it – unless you’re wearing Rexona Advanced Whitening Series. A clean, floral fragrance and up to 48 hours of protection help keep you feeling shower-fresh. Packed with natural whitening ingredients from sunflower oil giving you fairer underarms naturally!

This roll-on antiperspirant deodorant doesn't just help ward off sweat and odor – its clean, floral scent prolongs that just-showered feeling long into the day. And Motionsense™ technology tops up the freshness when you need it most. Microcapsules sit on your skin, bursting with friction to release extra fragrance when you need it. So you stay fresh with every movement.

Rexona Advanced Whitening Sakura & Lily Fresh Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant gives you the confidence to push yourself harder. Not every now and again. Every day. We’ve got you covered.

Rexona. It won't let you down.


The science

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Vitamin E (Sunflower Seed Oil)

Renowned as an effective emollient, the oil extracted from fresh sunflower seed is rich in omega-6 (lionleic acid) which has skin care properties that protects the delicate skin of your underarms from damages due to repeated shaving and hair removals. This special ingredient also helps soften your skin and prevents moisture losses to effectively reduce dull skin for a radiant underarm that you can show off with confidence.

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