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Rexona Men and Women Motion Sense


Keeps you fresher with every move.

A breakthrough exclusively patented Rexona technology.

Containing smart capsules with direct movement response.

Feature in all Rexona range for men and women

The science

  • “microcapsule”

    Clever microcapsules

    Once applied, Motionsense™ microcapsules sit on the surface of the skin. As you move, underarm friction causes the capsules to burst, releasing immediate freshness.

  • “microcapsule

    Stay fresher, longer

    With ordinary deodorants and antiperspirants, the fragrance and protection slowly fade during the day, as the product evaporates due to body temperature and sweat.

  • “running”

    Do more all day

    Motionsense™ is the only antiperspirant that reacts directly to movement all day long, continuing to release bursts of extra freshness protection, allowing you to do more.

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