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The Truth About Underarm Dark Spots

We were all born with beautiful skin. But with age, exposure to the elements, and the sun's UV rays, it's just normal to find our skin changing in terms of texture and color. However, what's puzzling is how our underarms seem to also get dark despite not being directly exposed. How do they get dark spots, and are there ways to repair and prevent this? What underarm brightening procedures work? Can a brightening deodorant do its magic?

Facts about underarm dark spots

Darkened armpits are often the result of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This happens when there is an increase in melanin production triggered when our skin is damaged, irritated, or inflamed. Melanin itself is not bad, as it is the dark brown pigment in our skin that defines our color and helps to protect it against further damage. However, continuous exposure to damage and irritation can increase our production of this pigment leading to darkened skin.

Among the causes of PIH are eczema, acne, psoriasis, trauma, shaving/plucking, exposure to irritants, sun damage, certain medications, and medical procedures.

Causes and treatment of underarm dark spots

Ingredient irritation

It’s a common belief that your underarm deodorant may be darkening your underarms. In some cases, this may be true not because of the product itself but because of certain ingredients present in the product that can irritate your armpits’ sensitive skin. It can eventually lead to rashes, discoloration, and inflammation.

How to treat it: Before using a deodorant or any product, do a skin test to see if you are sensitive to the product. Make sure to choose a safe, dermatologist-tested deodorant that can give you the protection from dark spots while keeping you feeling fresh all day. Rexona brightening deodorants use 100% naturally sourced sunflower seed oil known to provide strength to the skin barrier. It also contains Vitamins E and F to naturally prevent irritation and promote skin regeneration. Rexona Powder Dry + Whitening Roll-on has all of these and more! It also offers 48-hr sweat and odor protection and contains Motionsense technology. The product works every time you move so you feel fresh throughout your day.

Rexona Women Powder Dry Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodrant 50ML

2.     Over-exfoliation

Exfoliating your underarm's skin is an excellent way to keep it clean and 'pretty'. However, overdoing it also has adverse effects. When you rub it too hard and cause a scratch or the skin to break, you contribute to dark underarms.

How to treat it: Be gentle with your underarms and treat it with the same care as you would your face. Use a soft exfoliating brush and dip it in water mixed with your usual body wash. Don't rub too hard but give it soft and gentle strokes.

3.     Plucking, shaving, and waxing

Seeing tiny, short underarm hair come out is tempting to pluck. But do think again the next time you see it because every time you pluck it, you're helping put dark spots on your armpits. Every time hair is removed, the skin is damaged and irritated, prompting melanin production. Each time you pluck, shave, or wax, your skin produces more dark pigment, causing your underarms to get even darker.

How to treat it: Know the right hair removal routine for you depending on your skin’s sensitivity and manage how often your shave, pluck or wax.

4.     Tight clothing

It may be nice to wear body-hugging tops that reveal our body's shape. Unfortunately, continuous friction caused by such kind of clothing can also lead to dark marks.

How to treat it: Wear comfortable clothes that cause less friction. There will always be friction, but minimizing it is a lot better.

5.     Sweating

Generally speaking, sweating is good because it is the body’s natural way of balancing heat and keeping the body’s temperature constant. Sweat is composed mainly of water, inorganic salts, and other fluids. For some skin types, those inorganic salts in the sweat can actually trigger a response in the brain activating itchiness, leading to irritation of the skin. This can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and lead to dark marks.

How to treat it: Go for an underarm brightening deodorant that gives you sweat and odor protection and effective brightening. Rexona has various options of brightening deodorants dependent on your needs:

  • Rexona Advanced Whitening Roll-on has sunflower seed oil that provides 2X brightening power and makes you feel dry and fresh all day. Rexona can keep you protected from sweat and body odor for up to 48hrs.
Rexona Women Advanced Whitening Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-on 50ML

Rexona Natural Whitening Fresh Rose and Fresh Sakura are clinically proven to brighten underarms naturally. Both products have Vit E and Licorice extract that are gentle on skin, giving you bright underarms. It also uses Rexona’s effective anti-perspirant active that works every time you move so you feel fresh throughout your day.Try them now in our breakthrough serum format!

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