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Rexona Men and Women Antibacterial Odor Protection

Antibacterial Defense: The ultimate underarm odor treatment


The best way to beat body odor causes is to fight the source: bacteria.

Rexona Antibacterial Defense Antiperspirant Deodorant reduces 90% of odor-causing bacteria*, making it the body odor treatment at home that also targets underarm odor causes.

* Based on antimicrobial efficacy studies in comparison to regular soap


The science

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    Everyone carries bacteria

    Over 10 million bacteria live in your underarm. Soap alone isn’t enough to protect you from body odor.

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    Body odor is caused by bacteria

    Body odor is caused by bacteria on the skin that break sweat down into acids. This makes your armpits the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.

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    Fight bacteria at the source

    Specifically formulated with ingredients to fight odor causing bacteria, giving you the confidence of 48hr odor protection.

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