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  • Rexona Xtracool Roll On

    Rexona Xtra Cool roll-on combines Sweat Guard Technology with an antiperspirant formula that prevents white stains on your clothes. Contains scent of cooling natural menth.
  • Rexona XtraCool Aerosol

    Rexona Xtra Cool aerosol with Sweat Guard Technology gives you 48 hours of invisible protection preventing white marks on clothes. Scent of cooling natural menthol for a long fresh feel.
  • Rexona Quantum Roll On

    Rexona Quantum roll-on antiperspirant offers 48h protection with an invigorating fresh and woody scent.
  • Rexona Quantum Aerosol

    Rexona Quantum provides instant aerosol protection for 48 hours with Sweat Guard Technology. Contains an energizing woody scent with fresh citrus and spices.
  • Rexona Active Roll On

    Rexona Active roll-on has a clean and energizing scent. The Sweat Guard Technology assures 48 hour protection against sweat and body odour.

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