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10 Tips for power dressing your way to success



Dressing well is the key to commanding respect and authority. It shows your level of interest in a job and reflects your diligence. Whether it’s your first job interview or an important meeting, follow these vital dressing tips and score a ten on ten:

  1. Make sure your clothes reflect your role and position in the company.
  2. Ensure that your clothes are relevant to the occasion.
  3. Ironed clothes are a must – they look neat and do not attract attention.
  4. Be simple; don’t wear anything too busy or fussy.
  5. Compliment your look with basic accessories like a wristwatch.
  6. Opt for elegant and minimal jewellery.
  7. Wear closed shoes or flat shoes.
  8. Appear clean, pleasant, and professional with natural make-up.
  9. Wear light coloured clothing on the upper half and darker shades at the bottom half.

Most importantly, always maintain a calm and composed demeanour as it reflects a good image as opposed to someone who looks nervous and irritated.