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Improving social abilities

7 Ways to break the ice and mingle with others


Since man is a social animal, the quality of communications that one has becomes vital to one’s success. The two key ways to develop this skill is by building your confidence in interacting with others and strengthening communication skills. Pay attention to -

  1. Have positive postures, gestures and facial expressions
  2. Maintain a healthy level of physical distance and personal space
  3. Create friendly and warm eye contact
  4. Speak with an audible tone of voice
  5. Be assertiveness when necessary
  6. Indulge in small talk just in order to break the ice with strangers
  7. Identifying trouble areas in your conversational skills and work on them consistently


But, if you’re still wondering how to get talking to someone, then a great handshake and a quick introduction of yourself will do the trick!