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Assert yourself eloquently with these 8 simple techniques

Assert yourself eloquently with these 8 simple techniques


Assertiveness is a very necessary quality in the business world. Assertiveness is often defined a lot like self-confidence, and that is because they are finely linked together. One aspect of assertiveness is control and confidence, which allows you to take charge of a situation; if used strategically. Confused on how to implement it? Well then take a look at these tricks that will help you convey your thoughts with charm and diplomacy:

  1. Hold strong to your values.
  2. Do your homework well for any given situation. Know your facts well.
  3. Anticipate other people’s objections and behaviour and prepare suitable responses.
  4. Defend yourself with open questions that allow you to retake the initiative.
  5. Practice responding to aggression and not reacting.
  6. Surround yourself with inspirational people and materials.
  7. Have faith in yourself and the fact that you will ultimately triumph.

And, last but not the least – respect others as they have a right to be assertive too!