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8 Ways to make a great first impression at interview


In today’s fast paced world of quick judgements – the phrase, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression” rings very true. Making a positive impression in the beginning is very crucial because it is the ultimate ticket to landing your dream job.

While it takes only a couple of seconds to build a lasting impression – In most cases we are led to believe that our appearance plays the biggest role. However, what you say and more importantly how you convey it accounts for a lasting impression. In other words, the ‘how’ dictates the ‘what’. It may sound simple but it does need a strategic approach. Here are some tips to help you crack the verbal code:

  1. Maintain a pleasant and calm tone of voice. Use a tone that reflects sincerity and your personality.
  2. Try not to sound monotonous without emotions; it makes your message meaningless.
  3. Don’t hold back on your opinions and ideas or downplay your personality in fear of being judged.
  4. Every interaction has a give and take. Leave a lasting impression by being both a good listener and speaker.
  5. Articulate your thoughts with brevity and clarity – keep your ideas and thoughts simple.

But, come what may – always use sweet and simple words as opposed to complicated and tough language so that you receive a good response from whoever your audience may be.