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GET IT RIGHT: Dress as per your body shape


Hour glass

HOURGLASS - Larger hips, Small waist, Rounded body line

Straight/gently flared pants
Clothes that are more feminine so that they complement your body
Medium necklines
Heavy fabrics
Very high necklines unless you have a small bust
Skirts with open pleats


Rexona Triangular Clothing

TRIANGULAR - Narrow shoulders, small to medium waist, and wider hips/thighs. Body appears bottom heavy

Accessories and designs to draw attention to the upper body
Patterns that are small to medium scale
Longer straight fit tops to cover your hips, thereby making you look slimmer

Very loose/tight garments that add bulk to your lower body
Clothes that have hems or design lines at hip-line
Short tops/blouses

Inverted triangle

INVERTED TRIANGLE - Wide shoulders, medium to large waist, and narrow hips/thighs. Body appears top heavy

Flowing fabrics especially on the upper half
A-line tops and 3/4th sleeves
Slightly flared pants/skirts to balance the body
Bright colours on the bottom half

Garments which are top heavy with broad collars and heavy lapels
Extremely fitted clothes as they will emphasize wide upper body
Heavy design detail on the neck of the blouse
Heavy/bulky accessories on your neck
Deep neck tops


OVAL - Larger body. Weight is above average

OVAL - Larger body. Weight is above average

Accessories and make-up to draw attention up and around your face
Semi-fitted clothes
Tops and bottoms in monochromatic colour scheme to look slim
Straight and slightly flared skirts or flat-fronted pants in medium/heavy weight fabrics
Shoulder pads to visually balance your body weight

Clingy fabrics which stick to your body
Very high necklines
Tucked-in tops
Accessories at the waist/midriff
Narrow or tapered pants