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Color psychology

COLOR PSYCHOLOGY- How to pick colours that flatters you most


  1. Using strong, contrasting colours can make you look sharp, authoritative, and powerful.
  2. Shades of blue are recommended as they send the message that you’re credible and trustworthy.
  3. Grey is the safest choice, if you want to send the message to your future employer that you are both logical and analytical.
  4. Avoid red as it comes across as over-powering and attention-seeking and is not suitable to wear, especially to your 1st interview.

So, all in all, stick to blues, greys, and whites, pink and pastel lighter shades for tops/shirts. Pair it up with dark bottoms like black, navy, charcoal or even dark brown.

Both Indian and western formals are equally acceptable and always remember to choose to wear the one which you feel most comfortable in because if you are not comfortable it will show up in your body language.