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Walk your way: how to make a great entrance

WALK YOUR WAY: How to make a great entrance


The interview process begins long before you even introduce yourself. From the receptionist to the interviewer – they’ll all be sizing you up as you walk towards them and into the meeting room. In this case, you’ll want to conduct your body language in the best way possible. Simply follow our tips to ace your catwalk to professional stardom.

  1. Enter with a smile and avoid grinning.
  2. Take a deep breath before entering.
  3. Don’t adjust your tie/any dress, touch your face, or adjust your hair when you enter.
  4. Make eye contact with all the panelists.
  5. Greet everyone in the room.
  6. Watch your stride- be normal; short of longer strides will make your walk awkward.
  7. Wait for the panelist(s) to extend their hand for a shake-don’t thrust yours first.
  8. Do not sit – let them ask you to sit.

Additionally, always remember to dress appropriately so that you look and feel your best!