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Shake it, don’t break it

How to conduct your body language at the interview


  1. Raise your hand confidently and place it firmly in the palm of your connector’s hand.
  2. Look into the person’s eyes, smile, and hold it firmly, not tightly.
  3. Once the interviewer invites you to take a seat, sit up straight and try the trick of sitting slightly toward the edge of the chair and angle forward to appear eager. Also, do not look around, it is extremely important to maintain the eye contact during the interview; avoiding eye contact can project you as under confident or dishonest.
  4. Shifting your sitting postures frequently conveys that you are uncomfortable with the questions. It’s fine to use hand gestures in a job interview, but keep them small and contained. Hold a pen firmly if nervousness makes your handshake. Don’t keep your arms and legs crossed, it shows you’re reserved, defensive, and suspicious, while open arms convey that you are open and receptive.
  5. There is much more to preparing for an interview than practicing how you will respond to the questions. Be confident to ensure that the non-verbal impression is as well polished as your verbal communication.
  6. Remember not to extend your hand till your interviewer does so and be ready to accept-don’t make the person wait after he extends his or her hand.
  7. Ensure your palms are not sweaty.