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Making an exit: how to end the interview in style

MAKING AN EXIT: How to end the interview in style 


The last thing you want after a great interview is a clumsy exit. If you’ve made a good impression with your conversational skills – then it’s equally important to make a smooth exit. So, simply follow our pointers that’ll help you walk out in style…

  1. Maintain the same poise and control from the beginning of your interview. If the interviewer offers to shake your hand, do so with a firm, confident handshake and a self-assured smile.
  2. Get up in an assured manner, thank everyone present & don’t forget your things at the interviewer’s office.
  3. Try pushing back the chair smoothly; avoid making a noise & DO NOT try to steal a look when closing the door.
  4. Smile while walking away even after you have come out of the room.

Last but not the least, re-check that you’ve taken all your belongings before leaving.