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Smart Start

Get through your first day at work with flying colours


Acing an interview is just one part of the battle. The remaining struggle begins from your first day at work to the end of your tenure with the company.

  1. Reach office 15 minutes early. It is always recommended because you typically have to go through a few joining formalities which can take time. Being timely is professional and makes a positive statement.
  2. On day one of your job, you will be meeting many people. Do engage in conversation with your new co-workers instead of awkwardly smiling and being shy. Give them a firm handshake! It will be professional if you introduce yourself along with the team you will be a part of.
  3. Things might seem overwhelming on your first day at work. Everyone understands that you will not know everything on day one. Hence don’t be hesitant to ask questions.
  4. Keep your mobile phone on silent mode and wait to answer your family and friend’s messages asking about your first day till the day is over. You can respond to them all at once after you’re done with the day.
  5. Double check that you complete all the paperwork along with the necessary documents asked by the HR department.
  6. Carry a notepad. With such an exciting day it is better to note everything down. Plus, it is guaranteed to be a helpful reference for the coming days on the job.

Since it will take time to learn the company’s culture and dress code, it’s always better to play it safe on the first day. Dress professionally and avoid casual attire.