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Make you an employer’s top choice

Hacks to make you employer’s top choice at the interview



Preparing for an interview is one thing but, making sure you stick to what is to be done at the necessary hour is another. Follow the tips we’ve listed below for ensuring a good interview:

  1. Sit straight, comfortably, without craning your neck.
  2. Do not slouch.
  3. Thank the interviewer every time he/she makes you comfortable. Also, thank them if/when they compliment you.
  4. Talk clearly and maintain a pitch which is audible and confident.
  5. Do not be overexcited while describing your skills, achievements and accomplishments.
  6. Be modest.
  7. Listen to the interviewer's queries, answer them concisely and maintain eye contact.
  8. Don’t badmouth previous employer. Nod your head to indicate that you’re listening.
  9. Lean forward while speaking and backward while listening.
  10. Do not touch your face, move your legs, or fidget with things as this indicates nervousness.
  11. Keep your sentences short and simple.
  12. Don’t lie or make false claims. Do not argue.
  13. Thank the interviewer(s) when you leave.

All in all, let your personality shine through with confidence and you will be sure to make a positive impression.