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Rexona Men and Women Maximum Protection

Maximum Protection 


Our most powerful sweat protection

9/10 women trust Sure Maximum Protection*

Increased active ingredient to combat excessive sweating

Dermatologically tested cream, gentle enough for everyday use

* based on a survey of 208 UK women who tested the product


How it works

Maximum protection

Maximum protection

The science

  • “Rexona

    Formula Trisolid

    Innovative TRIsolid™ technology provides a deep protective layer across your sweat glands to provide our most powerful protection against sweat.

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    Tubuh responsif

    Best applied at night when your sweat glands are less active, TRIsolid™ responds to your body’s chemistry, giving you maximum protection during the next day – even after a shower.

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    Lembut dan mudah

    Fragrance technology eliminates odour and the moisturising ingredient makes it gentle enough for everyday use. The TRIsolid™ cream comes in a stick format, making it very easy to apply.


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    All About You

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    A beauty junkie in London

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