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The Second Step: Home-Based & Fit 


Embrace the active mindset with introducing some new yet simple norms into your lifestyle.

Whether you are reading this while COVID19 still has us home-based, or you are just interested in being fit without going to the gym, this article will help get you started on the right track. Be sure to check out the introduction to this series of articles here : (Insert link to first article here) 

First, you really need to embrace the ethos that being active is a mindset. 

You have to come to the full realization that a sedentary body is one that is deteriorating. The opposite side of that coin is a magical and new healthy world. 

Every step you take towards keeping your body in motion, will save its life in terms of actual years that it will remain functional and will guarantee your body a higher quality of life measurable in comfort and happiness. 

Try to incorporate the following life changing, new norms into your lifestyle:


1. Never drive when you can walk (or cycle):

This is a serious decision you have to make. In fact mark the day, you adopt it as a routine, on your calendar at a specific date. This date will indicate when you started to substitute driving with walking or cycling. To achieve this, you plan your day in advance, marking each errand you have to make.

Decide on which errands will be “motion errands” and which you will use a vehicle to get to. Whether you will walk the entire distance to your destination, or decide where you will park and walk to your destination, be sure to plan it all in advance and record your progress. 
Increase the distances you walk incrementally by week.

Be aware of your posture while you walk. Your back should be straight, shoulders back and belly pulled in. Walking while keeping a correct posture is much more effective in terms of utilizing your body’s muscles.

If you own a bike and enjoy cycling, you may choose to cycle to destinations instead. Be sure to wear a helmet and stay safe on Egypt’s streets.

2. Decrease your Food Portion Consumption: 

A simple rule to remember is that if you consume more calories than your body burns, it will store it for you. You want to convince your body that you are only consuming as needed. The easiest way to get to this is  by using portion control. You can control your portions by calorie counting (there are cool apps for this), using a small plate when eating without allowing second servings for yourself, using measuring cups. 

Generally these are the guidelines for calories consumed for men and women: Men need around 2,500kcal (10,500kJ) a day to maintain a healthy body weight, and women need around 2,000kcal a day (8,400kJ). If you want to lose weight you need to lessen the calories listed here gradually so you begin to burn fat. 

3. Designate a “Fitness Challenge Partner”: 

Don’t be intimidated by the term “Fitness Challenge”. The challenge itself can be super simple. Pick a friend and then start a fitness Whats App group that includes you and her/him only. Select a motivational and easily identifiable icon or image for this chat group and only use the chat group for your fitness purposes. No other chat topics allowed! 

Take turns picking and texting each other challenges, like for example, “Ten Sit Ups” to be completed by the end of the day anytime. Or :”Ten Minute Walk” challenge. 

Having a Fitness Challenge Partner makes exercise fun and helps you both keep each other on track. Record videos of yourselves doing the challenges and send it to each other. Be sure to keep your video recording within one minute so it uploads and downloads quickly. With time you will be able to literally see your body getting fitter in these videos. 

Incorporate New At Home Fitness Techniques: We recommend trying Jump Rope this week. Order a Jump Rope and follow online YouTube Jump Rope Videos. Follow Rexona’s videos for some Jump Rope exercises and tips as well (

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