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Ten Things to Start Doing to Get You Fit Fast: The Home-Based & Fit Mindset


Whether you are reading this while COVID19 still has us home-based, or you are just interested in being fit without going to the gym, this listicle is part of our Home-Based & Fit Series that will help you make positive and hopefully permanent changes in your lifestyle. Be sure to check out the introduction to this series of articles here : (Insert link to first article here)

1. Brisk Walk 15 to 30 mins a day, 5 days a week

2. Schedule your meals, instead of eating whenever you are hungry. Creating a set eating schedule, including snacks, at specific times with set portions, will change the way you consume food

3. Write down what your nutrition goals are and which foods represent which nutrients. Plan meals accordingly and stick to those. This convinces your mind that you have been fed.. and that everything else is boredom

4. Do one, short exercise video, 2 to 3 days a week, start with our videos on our page!

5. When you feel like eating, you are looking for happiness. Call a friend instead, or snuggle with your loved one/s. Whatever can alternatively make you happy, do it, until it is actually a designated “eating time”.

6. Self enforce the “exercise to eat” rule. Meaning that when you want to eat something that is a treat and is fattening, do a 20 minute workout where you break a sweat first .. then you can eat it.

7. Create Fitness Goals. These don’t have to be related solely to your weight on the scale. They can be fitness related, for example getting to ten pushups or ten sit ups. They can be measurement related by tracking your size in inches across the waist area, bust or hips.

8. Drink lots of water. Drinking water is known to improve your fitness level, curb hunger and improve overall health.

9. Create a Vision Board with your dream outfits and pictures of what you consider to be your dream weight and fitness level. Keep it where you see it daily.

10. Create a Reward System for Yourself. Choose things you truly enjoy doing, eating, watching, listening to music etc.., and schedule a time to enjoy your reward when you achieve certain goals. Be sure to place pictures of these rewards on your Vision Board alongside the goals that get you to attaining them.

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