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An Introduction to Being Fit While Home-Based


Because your body matters, it’s time to start a new life strategy.

If it feels like you went to bed and woke up in an alien set up, that is because that’s exactly what happened.  The drastic change in our lifestyles, after Stay At Home measures went into effect worldwide, is forcing us to rethink how we move and function. If fitness was a choice before, it really isn’t now. If we don’t use it we lose it. And by “it” I mean our bodies. 

Social distancing is not an ending trend. It’s the beginning of a way of life where home may be the center of our activities, for months to come, and not the place we return to for rest. So how can you shift your outlook and set up your life differently for optimum health? 

You decide your body matters and change the way you plan to care for it.  

You also need to expect a little more of a struggle getting into this new groove, since you will be having less space to exercise, less social encouragement (by group sports, or gym classes etc..), and a whole lot of stress from the changes happening in careers and/or school life and lack of access to evening outings.   

Here are some tips to grab back a hold of your days and start your new life strategy.


1. Assess your fitness level (Beginner - Intermediate- Advanced) to select your best exercise routine based on the descriptions below: 

  • Beginner : You did not have an athletic routine established throughout the last 10 years and you haven’t been exercising for the last two months. 

  • Intermediate: You have had an exercise routine established on and off for the last 10 years but you have not exercised in a few months. 

  • Advanced: You have had an exercise routine established regularly for the last 10 years and you are currently exercising three to four times a week. This category likely already has a system in place and has already adjusted it to fit the current crises. Carry on then, no need for this article. 


2. Set a new routine that Includes a workout, preferably in the morning (number of times per week in the next point): When you first wake up, have your morning tea or coffee and a piece of fruit, some granola or any other alternative that is low cal and easy to prep. Something really light and nutritious. This can be followed by a 10 minute warm up, 20 minute exercise routine (see our videos this week), and 10 minute cool down.


3. Decide how many times a week you should schedule a workout based on your fitness level: 

  • Beginner: Do 3 workout days and the 4th day you rest, 30 minutes each. Repeat this routine for three week and then consider yourself at the intermediate level. 

  • Intermediate & Advanced: Do 5 workout days, followed by 2 days off, 45 minutes to an hour each. . 

Habit forming is a process and usually takes over a month to get used to. Believe it or not, an upheaval in norms like the one we are all experiencing now, is a perfect time to start. Change is the greatest time to reassess and re-strategize.  Rexona is here for you to guide you through the process of getting your body to move more and live more. 


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