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Antibacterial + Invisible

Antibacterial + Invisible

Fights perspiration, bacteria that cause bad odor, and stains on your clothes.

New anti-stain formula that protects you from the white and yellow marks, and gives you 48 hours of freshness.

Eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria that cause the bad smell.

Available for both men and women."

The science

  • stained t-shirt

    Say goodbye to the stains ™

    The exclusive formula of the new Rexona Antibacterial + Invisible protects your favorite clothes from white and yellow spots caused by daily perspiration.

  • bacteria as bubbes

    Take out the bacteria

    Your clothes can look without stains and you can free yourself from the bacteria that cause sweat, thanks to the active ingredient of the new Rexona Antibacterial + Invisible that eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria in the skin of your armpits.

  • couple dancing

    Your lifestyle

    It does not matter what moves you; the exercise, the party, the love for your work, the university or the latest fashion, in any way, stay protected. Rexona Antibacterial + Invisible is designed for your lifestyle.

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