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Every day is different. But the one thing that doesn’t change is that every day you make effort and every day you sweat. This is why you need long lasting protection that keeps you fresh all day. Rexona with motion sense technology grants you 48 hours of protection and freshness.


  1. Don’t care for the content? Care for your outfit
    The first thing the audience will lay eyes on is you and the slides. If the slides don’t look good, make sure you do.
  2. Don’t take the mic to yourself, open a conversation
    If you don’t have much to say, ask intriguing questions and make the audience talk

  3. Stressed? Don’t let your sweat tell everyone
    The two things that show stress more than anything are sweat and extra movement. Keep your movement within the normal range and use Rexona for 48 hour protection and forget about sweat.
  4.  A good wrap up leaves a good impression
    Before you leave the room, make sure to sum up your content in 3-4 points which everyone will remember later and also which gives the impression that you’re organized and concentrating.
  5.  Know your audience and build on their stories.
    Remember a couple of quotes that your manager or one of the audience once said and mention them in the middle of your conversation as a point that you build on or agree with. Make your audience feel understood.
  6. Don’t improvise
    If you don’t know the accurate information don’t make up and answer. Saying that you will research gives you more credibility in the eyes of your audience.
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