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Pressure athletes

Pressure athletes

Follow our elite athletes to hear how they thrive under pressure to perform at the top of their game.

All athletes perform under pressure, sure, but it’s the exceptional athletes who actually thrive under pressure. Rexona Pressure Athletes looks at the best of the best in Australian Rules, Rugby League and Australian touring cars to understand what sets the athletes apart from their competition.

Usman Khawaja on the pitch

Professional Australian Cricketer, Usman Khawaja, thrives in moments of pressure on the pitch.



Garry Rogers Motorsport & Pit Crew Dynamic

Professional Motorsport Team owner, Garry Rogers, explains the dynamic of a capable pit crew to ensure the success of a racing team. Watch how Garry Rogers Motorsport builds a crew of highly skilled & reliable team members that can perform at incredible speeds and precision in high pressure situations.


Garry Rogers & Motorsport Pit Stop Success

Professional Motorsport Team owner, Garry Rogers discusses the mentality behind the perfect pit stop and how his racing team has achieved success for a long period of time. Watch how the Garry Rogers pit stop crew achieves fast pit stops by remaining calm in high pressure situations and relying on their confidence and experience as a team to get the job done properly.


Luke Hodge & The Pressures of a Captain

They say it's tough at the top but just how tough is it being captain of one of the top teams in Aussie Rules Football? Luke Hodge explains how he doesn't shy away from pressure but thrives on it. For Luke, the biggest source of pressure comes from the expectation he puts on himself. We hear as Luke gives us insight into what it takes to be the best and the level of preparation he goes into in order to perform when it really matters and lead his team to victory.


Luke Hodge & Leading Team Mates

Professional Australian Rules Footballer, Luke Hodge shows how he communicates with his younger team mates in pressure situations. “Doing the simple things” and treating your training like the real game can separate winners from the competition. Watch as Luke Hodge uses the cheers and boos of the big crowds to his advantage to tackle his nerves and get in the zone for the game.


Scott McLaughlin & Kart Racing Preparation

Professional Race Car driver, Scott McLaughlin explains how he manages the pressure from himself, the fans and his family with race track simulation, and the ultimate Kart preparation. Watch as Scott McLaughlin's pre-race training and learning builds the necessary bravery to overcome the pressures that he will feel on upcoming race days.


Scott McLaughlin & Motorsport Race Take-Off

Professional Race Car driver, Scott McLaughlin explains the mechanics of a perfect motorsport racing take-off and how one split second decision can change the entire outcome of the race. Watch as Scott McLaughlin carefully balances clutch, throttle and handbrake with precision to get the perfect launch, even under the extreme pressures of the starting grid.


Anthony Milford & Team Mates

Anthony Milford is one of the hottest young players in Rugby League at the moment. His youth is betrayed by his maturity on and off the field. In this clip Anthony explains how he uses the weight of expectation as a driver to perform. Aware of his profile as a role model, he spends time coaching and talking to kids to inspire them to perform which helps him give the mental focus he needs to succeed on the field.


Anthony Milford & Pre-Game Rituals

Australian Rugby League professional Anthony Milford reveals his pre-game rituals that help him overcome the pressures and expectations of playing in the number 6 jersey in such a tough competition. Watch how Anthony Milford remains mentally prepared by reminding himself of who he is playing for; his family. During the game, being mentally strong drives him to dig deep and to perform for his team when they are struggling.


Todd Goldstein & Dominance on Ground

Australian Rules player Todd Goldstein explains what it’s like striving to be the dominant player on ground each game and how he makes sure he’s able to thrive under pressure and win the ball when it counts. Watch how Todd prepares by straining his cardio system using a heat room and intensive training to allow him to perform in the hottest of conditions.


Todd Goldstein & Overcoming Pressure in the Ruck

It's hard to imagine what it must be like being a top athlete and playing in front of huge crowds, Todd Goldstein gives us insight into what he's thinking and feeling when he walks onto the field and how he deals with the pressure. We get a rare insight into how he positions himself to win the ball everytime and understand what it takes to be one of the best players in Australian Rules.


Cooper Cronk & Ball Technique

Australian Rugby League professional Cooper Cronk understands the importance of preparation when it comes down to making that split second decision in the game. Watch Cooper Cronk explain the mechanics of a drop goal and the internal focus required when you have 55,000 people watching you from the grandstand.


Cooper Cronk & Meticulous Preparation

Rugby league professional Cooper Cronk understands the importance of meticulous preparation. Watch Cooper Cronk explain how meticulous preparation helps you achieve success on the field against your opposition and even your teammates. Cronk highlights the importance of ball control and maintaining good balance and strength.


Patrick Dangerfield & Routine

Aussie Rules professional Patrick Dangerfield highlights the importance of defying routine when it comes to preparing for pressure moments on the field. Watch how changing his training routine helps Patrick adapt to unexpected situations on the field.


Patrick Dangerfield & Analysing the Opposition

Patrick uncovers his unique approach to the game and explains that his training extends beyond the gym as he spends hours analysing the opposition and preparing tactics to allow him to position himself for the win every game.